old journal entries 2004 A.D. ...

I wanna post some old journal entries about my family on here.  There's something special about revisiting old writing and seeing how God's faithfulness is woven through the tapestry of my story.  They are from from between the years of 2002-2004 A.D. (remember those decrepit years buried in antiquity?)...


Just before we left for California last week, I was playing with Aly when I made an observation that wrapped up the little girl heart in four words. In a matter of minutes she uttered two phrases that communicated the desire of every girl on the planet.

The first two-word phrase was, “Watch Me!” Over and over again, she would get ready to do something and then yell over at me to tune into her performance. She wants more than anything to be noticed, to be seen, to be captivating. She wants my undivided attention and she yells louder and louder until she pulls me away from whatever is preoccupying me until she finally gets it. She kept saying, “Watch Me!” every time she tried a summersault or slide down the slide or jumped on the Bed. She wouldn’t be satisfied until my eyes we locked on her every move.

The second two-word phrase was, Catch Me!” this took more than just my eyes, it involved an active rousing of my whole body. She wants to be pursued and rescued. She loved to know that I’m after her and that I won’t stop until she is found. She would poke me on the leg and yell, “Catch Me!” while running to her room. Over and Over again we would play these silly games, but I learned, they are only games to me, they are life to them. My girls want to be captured and captivating...and I don’t blame them...it’s in their blood.


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